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Flemls: Map Overlays Enhancement

Get ready to search like never before with map overlays! Flexmls for Real Estate Pros iOS app now includes a map overlays enhancement, making these overlays available anywhere you access Flexmls. If you’re new to map overlays, these are additional layers that outline areas such as counties, parcels, and flood zones right on the map. This allows you to easily see the map information that’s important to you.

Note: All these enhancements are already available today on Flexmls Web and Android apps.

What Will Change?
Flexmls added new functions to the map toolbar in the Flexmls for Real Estate Pros iOS app so that it is available anywhere you access Flexmls.

Previously, the Layers icon could be used to switch between the standard, hybrid, or satellite view. With this enhancement, the Layers icon can also be used to select from available MLS map overlays. Agents can also select their own map overlays.

If the selected map overlay includes a key or legend, a key icon will be displayed in the map toolbar. Click on the key for more information about identifiers used in the map overlay.