Firm Challenge: Dinner for Those In Need










Did you know that REALTORS host a dinner for the Breaking Bread Soup Kitchen in Sheffield every 6 weeks?  We are looking for AWESOME REALTOR FIRMS to commit to being the host for ONE DINNER in the remaining 2021-2022 schedule.  You don’t need to be a REALTOR from South County to participate! This is a fantastic program providing meals to the disadvantaged and / or displaced in South County. Every six weeks Berkshire REALTORS sponsor and cater a meal; serving (now to-go) dinners to as many as 100 people in a night. You typically need a crew of 6 to handle it (the more the merrier), and friends of REALTORS are welcome to join a firm team.

President Eric Steuernagle (and his kids) and the Fairground Real Estate team have been shopping, cooking, packing and serving dinners all alone for the past year during COVID on behalf of the REALTORS … and now we need YOUR help.  We would like to schedule a revolving group of REALTOR firms to step up to help going forward.  Hosting entails a creating a meal plan, purchasing food and prep/cooking to create a healthy and delicious meal for 100 souls in need.  Eric will be chairing the process to make sure  he is available to help each team with their dinner – to check quantities, answer questions and make sure it goes smoothly.

In support of the REALTOR Night for Community Service, we will be actively promoting all of the firms who pledge to serve on social media, in our recap and our community outreach vehicles.  Please note that food costs typically run about $300 per dinner and time is needed to shop, cook and package the food at the Breaking Bread kitchen before dinner service.  Are you ready to STEP up and COMMIT to help those less fortunate? (or need more info?) Contact Eric for Details. Eric Steuernagle | Fairground Real Estate | 413-717-0246.