Newsday Exposé on Fair Housing

First published in December 2019, Newsday reported on their 3 year undercover investigation into unfair treatment of minorities by real estate agents in the Long Island area.  We had a request to re-share the undercover videos to help you understand re-world issues and statements that created an awareness of inappropriate statements made by agents.   For other resources, NAR also teamed up with the Perception Institute to create implicit bias training and developed resources for you to create diversity, equity and inclusion in your business practices.  Videos, sample office policies and more can be found at

Because many of us don’t know what we don’t know, NAR also created an interactive program that helps point out YOUR implicit bias areas of weakness – the experience will be different for all who take this virtual tour of potential buyers, sellers and scenarios.  The whole thing takes about 1 hour to complete and can be taken in bits and pieces, or all in one sitting.  Welcome to Fairhaven: A Fairhousing Simulation!  We’re happily promoting those members who have completed the Fairhaven challenge, so when you do, please let Sandy know so she can include you in our next member update!

As a final word of warning, Massachusetts has funded Fair Housing testers to the tune of $20 million.  Please use the resources above to keep yourself in a safe place and frame of mind.  Because of our backgrounds and experiences, our implicit bias, even those of us who endeavor to be honest and fair with all and to be diverse and inclusive have a thing or two we can pick up from these resources.