Fair Haven Goal

Congratulations to the 28 members who have completed the Fairhaven Fair Housing simulation training. We have hit our first milestone of over 25% of goal. This program uses the power of storytelling to help REALTORS identify, prevent, and address discriminatory practices in real estate. Congratulations to those who have committed to combating discrimination in real estate.  You too can be an advocate for fair housing and the future of our industry. Get started by visiting fairhaven.realtor to assess how well you are adhering to fair housing principles.  View Photos and Full List of Berkshire REALTORS who have Completed Fairhaven:

James Kim Bergland; Marie Bourassa; Janice Braim; Sandra Carroll; Samantha Desautels; Mary Jane Dunlop; Michael Hernandez; Lisa Kirchner; Hannah Klammer; Maureen McFarland; Anne Meczywor; Conor Meehan; Jane Miller; Sue O’Brien; Martha Pope; Pamela Roberts; Rena Rose; Cheryl Ryan; Rosemary Schnopp; Nicholas Sereda; Michael Sorrentino; Eric Steuernagle; Donna Thomas; Sheila Thunfors; Erin Vincent; Peter West; Mariah Worth; Brian Wright;