Fair Haven Goal Getting Closer

Congratulations to the 86 members who have completed the Fairhaven Fair Housing simulation training. We are still 14 away from our very modest goal to have 100 Berkshire REALTORS complete this training.  Really, this 1-2 hour simulation should be required for ALL REALTORS!  We will be launching another series of fakebook posts highlighting those who have completed this program, so make sure to send Sandy@BekrshireRealtors.org your headshot when you’re done so we can brag!  This program uses the power of storytelling to help REALTORS identify, prevent, and address discriminatory practices in real estate.   You too can be an advocate for fair housing and the future of our industry. Get started by visiting fairhaven.realtor to assess how well you are adhering to fair housing principles.  View Photos and Full List of Berkshire REALTORS who have Completed Fairhaven:

Congratulations to those who have committed to combating discrimination in real estate. Amanda Alexander, Marc Bellora, James Bergland, Karyn Bienia, Corey Bishop, Marie Bourassa, Janice Braim, Sara Bresett, Jennifer Burns, Susan Calkins, Jennifer Capala, David Carlson, Anthony Caropreso, Sandra Carroll, Tammy Christen, Douglas Collins, Christina Conry, Shelley Cozzaglio, Barbara Davis-Hassan, Samantha Desautels, Greg Dibrindisi, Jesse Dimitropolis, Jessie Downer, Mary Jane Dunlop, Brenda Durant, Andreea Duta, Cory Evangelisto, Nicholas Geranios, Debra Goddeau, Michael Hernandez, Timothy Johnson, William Keane, Maureen Kirby, Lisa Kirchner, Hannah Klammer, Amanda Kmetz, Janinne Kuzdeba, Jose Larios, Jane Larkworthy, Marci Levesque, Michelle Lillie, Deborah Lincourt, Christy Martino, Mia Mazzeo, Maureen McFarland, Mark McIlquham, Paula McLean, Anne Meczywor, Conor Meehan, Jane Miller, Sheryl Morehouse, Linda Morelli, Tracy Munger, Jason Nocher, Sue O’Brien, Barbara Osborne, Aundrea Pansecchi, Matt Pennell, Andrew Perenick, Kellie Perrault, Michelle Picard, Martha Pope, Anthony Riello, Jessica Rizzo, Pamela Roberts, Rena Rose, Cheryl Ryan, Barbara Scace, Rosemary Schnopp, Nicholas Sereda, Rachel Siam, Mary Smith, Michael Sorrentino, Katie Soules, Eric Steuernagle, Derek Strzepa, Tricia Tatro, Kelley Taylor, Donna Thomas, Molly Thomas, Sheila Thunfors, Ian Valiton, Erin Vincent, Peter West, Mariah Worth, Brian Wright,