Everyone’s a winner at The Battle of the Bartenders!

The more the merrier at the Battle of the Bartenders on May 28th! We will host three events throughout Berkshire County to raise money for three local causes who could use your support!

100% of tips collected will go directly to the cause you choose to support!

Join us at the Olde Heritage Tavern in Lenox from 5 to 9 pm to support The Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter in their campaign to build outdoor animal coverage.

Join us at Hops & Vines in Williamstown from 6 to 9 pm to raise money for the Louison House FLSC, a North Berkshire organization that provides transition and permanent housing solutions for the homeless.

Join us at The Brick House Pub in Housatonic from 8 to 11 pm to raise funds for the Breaking Bread Kitchen who provides community meals for those in need in Southern Berkshire County.

Our Berkshire Realtor teams will face off to see who can collect the most tips in one hour to support these fantastic causes! Join us!

Introducing our Bar-tending Teams:

North County (@Hops & Vines for the Louison House FLSC)

6-7pm- Mark Farrington (FLSC Board) and Maureen Baran (Adams Community Bank)
6-7pm- Colleen Zajac and Doreen Coones (Monarch Realty) on the Hops Side
7-8pm- Cindy Poulin ( Alton and Westall) and Rebecca Gold Cellana (Burnham Gold)
8-9pm- Duffy Judge (Greylock Insurance) and Erin Scott (FLSC Board & Burnham Gold)

Central County (@Olde Heritage Tavern for the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter)

5-6 pm Tiffany Roberts (Berkshire House Hunters & Pam Roberts (Roberts & Assoc.)
6-7 pm Andy Perenick, Doug Collins & Wendy Smith (Berkshire Dream Home)
7-8 pm Steve Ray (Assist-to-Sell) & Craig Kahn (All Seasons Realty)
8-9 pm Sherry Street (Realty Street) & Mark Harris (Signature Associates)

South County (@The Brick House Pub for the Breaking Bread Kitchen)

8-9 pm Chapin Fish & Kirsten Fredstall (Brockman Real Estate)
9-10 pm Dawn Farley & Dan Alden (William Pitt Sotheby’s)
10-11 pm Suzann Ward (Barnbrook Realty) & Patrice Melluzzo (William Pitt Sotheby’s)


Join us on Facebook:

North County Event, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/371453136381122/

South County Event, visit

Central County Event, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/408257256019523/


Sponsored by REACT (Real Estate Agent’s Charitable Taskforce)