Essential Workers For Vaccine

We’ve recently fielded a question about essential workers and stage 2 vaccinations in Massachusetts.  Real Estate was deemed an essential service in March when the pandemic first hit … but the essential services list is not the same as the those receiving vaccine priority.  We know there is immense pressure on the Governor on the vaccination rollout… and many requests to add in new public-facing professionals into the early distribution list.  Phase 1 is for health care providers and front line workers.  Phase 2 allows for older population and those with existing conditions as well as some in essential professions such as grocery store / restaurant workers, educators, sanitation and transportation personnel, etc… but REALTORS are not included in the phase 2 list as of right now.   We will continue to monitor and if anything changes we will be sure to report back to you.  Please view Vaccination Distribution to see the full details of the phases.  Right now, REALTORS should determine eligibility based on age and health factors rather than profession. The Berkshire hotline for assistance is accessed by calling 413-449-5575.