Entering in MLS After Property is UA or Sold

There is much confusion about what listings can/should be entered in the MLS when they are already subject to an existing agreement. Listings Must be Available for Cooperation: First, if you have listed a property that is under contract before you actually enter it and/or cooperate with other MLS members, that listing can NO LONGER be entered (although proper paperwork still must be submitted to Listings@BerkshireRealtors.org).  Cooperation is the bedrock of the MLS – without it, no MLS. This rule is not time sensitive (we know some houses have multiple showings/offers within the first 12 hours on the market). Rather, it’s about allowing fellow MLS members to show the property and have an opportunity for their buyers to make an offer.  We will ask what cooperation was offered to other brokers if there is a claim of no cooperation…. those that stay in that are UA/Pended quickly will be able to show they worked with other MLS members and their clients.

Sold Data Reporting of Off-MLS Listing: Reporting a sold listing after the fact “for comparable purposes only” is still allowed, but being debated at the MLS level if that should continue. What do you think?  Tell the MLS Board! Right now, the rules allow for FSBO or Non-Member listings to be entered after the deed transfer, and the listing agent name is changed to “Comparable Entry Listing”. The debate about continuing to include off-MLS sold listings in the database include:  Appraisers don’t use sales that did not have time on the market to cure in assessing fair market value. This practice does not foster cooperation in the MLS which is the main purpose of the MLS.  While the information might not be usable for appraisals, it can be helpful in REALTOR CMAs and creating a better understanding of what is happening in the market. What do you think? Tell the MLS Board!