DR Meeting Agenda Based on Input

Designated REALTOR Meeting:  April 16 @ 10:00 am at the Board Office, 99 West Street

Can’t miss this one – The agenda for the Designated REALTOR meeting is shaping up based on recent questions to the office, feedback from those that have registered so far and the emerging issues in the industry.  For Designated REALTORS or their appointee if another broker manages the office day-to-day:

Managing Risk:

  • Record Retention
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Contracts & Forms Issues
  • Feedback on Legal Clauses
  • Electronic Management of Files / Agent Correspondence
  • WISP / Lawsuit for agent’s lost laptop
  • Importance of an Office Policy

Agent Relations

  • Assignment of Copyrights, Assignment of Listings
  • Legal Update on Independent Contractor Lawsuits
  • Broker Oversight and Agent Training Requirements


  • Practicing Dual Agency Correctly
  • Importance of the Forms
  • Obligating multiple compensations
  • What is Full Representation

Emerging Issues

  • Agent Rankings
  • Training Needs
  • Mobile Trends
  • Legal Issues
  • DR Training Series
  • Interest / Suggestions for Other Training Series

Last call for Designated REALTOR Meeting registrations: