Don’t Send Unsolicited Marketing via FlexMLS

We are asking all members to be respectful of the FlexMLS Member emailing system.  It is mean to communicate to a small group – or even individual – and is NOT meant to blanket sales tool to send unsolicited spam, generic property emails, open house reminders or general messages.  We put the rules in the actual body of the message, yet many members are complaining about SPAM and then stopping their FlexMLS member mail entirely – which really ruins a wonderful service.  Here is the message that explains it should be a communication tool, not a marketing tool.  Thank you!

READ AND DELETE THIS MESSAGE BEFORE SENDING.  Please DO NOT send messages to the entire membership!!!! You must post broker tours & open houses in the schedule and general messages on the message board [both found under daily tasks on the menu bar]. Blanket e-mail is considered SPAM. This service is meant to allow you to select specific recipients you would like to communicate with. PLEASE, DON’T WRECK IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE…. Thank you.