Don’t Abbreviate 2020 When Signing Documents

Safety Alert.  Please don’t abbreviate the year of 2020 to just 20 when signing documents, and advise clients of the same – just in case. While it might be unlikely, it is very easy for scammers to manipulate a document dated “1/1/20” into “1/1/2019” (expired) or even “1/1/2021.” (extended).  Most especially, make sure you have provided a copy of every executed contract to all parties so they have a copy should any questions arise.  This was a caution that was circulating online about an easy way scammers could establish an unpaid debt, attempt to cash old checks, or extend contracts to have long terms or alternatively, shorten them. We’ve confirmed with legal counsel that though this isn’t something that has happened yet, it is wise to be safe and make sure everyone has this information.