Division of Professional Licensure Releases Revised Agency Disclosure

Just announced, the MA Division of Professional Licensure has released a Sept 2021 revision of the MA Mandatory Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure form for immediate use.  A copy of this new form can be found here:  September 2021 Revision.  The notable addition is the language that clarifies presentation at the first personal meeting, “If
there is no personal meeting between you and the licensee, this form must be presented electronically or through some other means before the licensee enters into a contract with a consumer. Residential property is defined as land with a building intended for use as a one to four-unit residential dwelling or the purchase or sale of land on which a building is intended to be constructed for use as a one or two-unit residential dwelling.

You should make sure you have part of your inquiry process a way to electronically send the form and make sure it is signed before any offer, regardless of face-to-face meetings! We have sent this updated document to zipLogix, dotloop, Docusign and Remine – please update your personal templates, packages and libraries depending on which product you use!