INCYMI: Revised Mandatory Licensee Consumer Disclosure

In September we uploaded and told you about the new “agency disclosure” form issued by the Board of Registration – but have you updated your practice as well?  You need to present the form electronically before entering into a contract with a consumer – and some brokerages are changing policy that agents start before you provide any significant services. “…this form must be presented electronically or through some other means before the licensee enters into a contract with a consumer.” Do you have a simple way to send this form electronically, text it, email it, etc?  Might be a few minutes now to save you time in the future… and you should be aware we’ve asked Flex to make accessing Remine via mobile a little easier with a direct link. Right now you have to view the full site to access the Remine SSO. Obviously, you have to log in separately to Dotloop, Zip or other forms platforms so that isn’t an issue with direct access.  We will keep you posted.