Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Fair Housing Committee

Last call for any REALTOR or Affiliate interested in serving on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Fair Housing Committee.  This group is a mix of industry professionals and REALTORS who volunteered to move our strategic initiatives forward with equitation, awareness and goal setting.  The First meeting will be Thursday, September 8th @ 9 a.m. at the Board of REALTORS office. We will send the agenda and meeting materials in advance… so please make sure you register to attend. If you are interested but not able to attend, please reach out to Sandy so that we can include you on future meeting invitations.

a. Educate agents and empower brokerages to address fair housing standards and compliance.

b. Ensure fair and inclusive engagement exists for all who seek it within the association.

c. Promote opportunities for a diverse membership and leadership.

d. Examine and educate on barriers to housing in Berkshire County and identify possible solutions

e. Identify groups, initiatives and people to collaborate with to promote housing equity in Berkshire County.

We are pleased to have some exciting new programs to discuss (Mass Housing major funding coming to Pittsfield, Greylock’s redlining research and efforts by NAACP and the Berkshire Housing Committee of BRPC.)  We have internal and external areas for engagement and should have a good meeting talking about ways we can help be a part of ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion and fair housing in homeownership, leadership and membership.