Disclosure of Maintenance District Assessments in Stockbridge

Last year, the state legislature approved a Stockbridge Beachwood/Lenstock maintenance district, which imposes fees for community improvements and maintenance.  These assessments are considered “a lien upon the land” and assessed in the same manner as a lien for real estate taxes assessed by the town.  The town is  collecting the maintenance assessments for all homes in the district as well, and can collect those fees with the same power as property taxes. It is important that you disclose this fee when listing a home found in this district.  Here is the full text of the law that outlines the properties in Stockbridge that this applies to: https://malegislature.gov/Laws/SessionLaws/Acts/2022/Chapter167 (note: In the MLS you can disclose this as a HOA fee or under other disclosures, or public remarks). Please check any Stockbridge listing that is within that district to make sure you have good info!