Did You Miss the RETI Launch?

The Board has partnered with Real Estate Technology Institute (RETI) to provide you with a new, FREE, member benefit.  RETI provides technology training on all kinds of products, from APPS, to CRMs, to zipLogix and RPR, to REALTOR safety and much more!  On Tuesday, September 14th, REALTOR members received an email from RETI inviting you to create your account.  Here’s what you can expect once you have:

Weekly Email Updates & Webinars

Every Tuesday you will receive an email highlighting what’s new on the site, any upcoming events including weekly webinars (different topics every Wednesday at 4 PM EST), resources to help you leverage social media, blogs, your website, and more!

What to Expect – RETI Site Features/Sections


If you missed today’s RETI launch webinar, you can view the 17-minute video here.

This is a great opportunity to utilize the services of the RETI ‘nerds’ for assistance with all of your tech questions!