Did you know — REALTOR to REALTOR remarks

As a reminder, in the MLS there is a REALTOR®-to-REALTOR® field that you can use to share communication with your colleagues on listings.  This is a confidential field so does not appear on public printed listing sheets.  This is where you can share info like; “don’t let the cat out”, etc.  The things you need and want your colleagues to see but you don’t want to have displayed along with the public remarks.  To be able to view this field, you must print a private copy of the listing sheet.

Along that same line, there is an Office remarks field.  Comments made in this field will display only to those working in your firm.  A great use for this field is to provide the seller’s phone number, lock box codes, etc.  Again, this field will not print on public listing sheets, nor will it print on private listing sheets printed by REALTORS® from other firms.