Delayed Submission to the MLS

It’s that time, to remind everyone of the proper procedure when taking a listing that is to have delayed entry into the MLS.  Please review the information we shared with you June.

Delayed Submission: What Do I Need to Do?

We’ve fielded this question quite a bit this week, so it’s a great time to review the procedure again.  It’s a two-step process that you need to follow, broken out below:

  1. When a seller wishes to delay submission to the Multiple Listing Service, you should have the Delayed or Refusal to List paperwork completed, along with your Exclusive Right to Sell contract.  This form, together with the contract, should be on file with the Board Office within 2-business days of the seller’s signature.  We hold the paperwork for verification, should we receive inquiries about the availability or exclusivity of the listing from your fellow REALTORS.
  2. Once the listing is entered into the MLS, the paperwork and Exclusive must be resubmitted to the Board Office for data verification, along with the MLS# provided on the paperwork.  Please note:  the MLS Board approved a policy change in 2017 that allows the submission date to be used as the entry date in the MLS, rather than the seller’s signature date on the Exclusive.

Should you have any questions about how these listings should be entered into the MLS, or what paperwork needs to be submitted, please contact Linda.