Contracts and Forms Overview

Below you’ll find a description of all of our contracts and forms, broken down by agreement types. Click on the header to receive a detailed list of the forms along with guidelines when you should present each form.

Agency Agreements:[click for details]

  • Mandatory Consumer-Licensee Disclosure
  • Seller & Buyer Notice of Design. Agency
  • Seller & Buyer Notice of Dual Agency
  • Consumer Guide to Representation
  • Dual Agency Roles
  • Open House Display

Seller Agreements [click for details]

  • Seller’s Consent to Designated Agency
  • Seller’s Consent to Dual Agency Addendum
  • Seller’s Consent to Sub-Agency
  • Seller’s Deferral of Showing Addendum
  • Seller’s Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement
  • Seller’s Refusal to List Property in the MLS
  • Modification of Exclusive Right to Sell
  • Open House Disclosure
  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector
  • Flood Insurance Disclosure

Buyer Agreements: [click for details]

  • Buyer’s Exclusive Right to Buy Agreement
  • Buyer’s Consent to Designated Agency
  • Buyer’s Consent to Dual Agency Addendum
  • Waiver of Professional Home Inspection
  • Home Inspector Facts for Consumers
  • Homestead Act
  • Right to Farm Disclosure
  • Sex Offender Registry Information
  • Private Well Water Flyer Information
  • Flood Insurance Disclosure

Purchase & Sale Agreements [click for details]

  • P & S Agreement
  • P & S Agreement Land
  • P & S Extension of Time for Contingencies
  • P & S Extension of Time for Performance
  • P & S General Addendum
  • P & S Income Property Rider
  • P & S Instructions to Release from Escrow
  • P & S Termination of Contract
  • P & S Condo Rider
  • Dispute Resolution System
  • Lead Paint Property Transfer Notification

Environmental Fact Sheets [click for details]

  • Public Health Fact Sheet – Asbestos
  • Public Health Fact Sheet – Lead Paint
  • Public Health Fact Sheet – Fair Housing
  • Public Health Fact Sheet – Radon
  • Public Health Fact Sheet – Title 5
  • Public Health Fact Sheet – UFFI
  • Public Health Fact Sheet – UST
  • Public Health Fact Sheet – Wetlands