Congratulations to 2020 Award Winners

Our Awards Selection Committee had the very difficult task of reviewing the nominations received for multiple annual awards and select the most deserving candidates.  There were so many!  We would like to offer a congratulations briefly here, and know that we will have full bios of their service as a highlight each week to give each their moment to shine.

| REALTOR of the YEAR: Eric Steuernagle | Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Debbie Dwyer | Berkshire REALTOR Spirit: Pam Roberts | Berkshire Good Neighbor: Tom Doyle | Affiliate of the Year Jamie Pollard, Academy Mortgage | Summary below

REALTOR of the YEAR:  This award is given to a REALTOR® who has contributed outstanding time and energy to the betterment of the REALTOR® organization, the real estate industry and our Berkshire community during the past 18 months.  The award winners must demonstrate committeemen through volunteer work and engagement on the local, state and national levels, work in the community and be advocates for homeowners in the public.   It is our great pleasure to announce that Eric Steuernagle of Fairground Real Estate has been named the 2020 REALTOR of the YEAR.  As everyone knows, Eric stepped into a year of service as President of the Association during COVID, with a spirit to unite and keep our members safe and informed. Not only has he taken the helm and guided the direction of the Association this year, he also serves as a MAR Alternate Director, on the President’s Committee and is engaged at the National Level for advocacy and events.  He set the bar high for the Board with his C2EX challenge and achieved 100% firm endorsement, and exceeded our goal of getting over 100 Berkshire REALTORS endorsed.  He serves on multiple local committees and serves as a Town Monitor where he routinely engages in Southern Berkshire on the Board’s behalf in presenting issues and statistics to help decision makers understand our industry.  In addition to all of his work for the Realtor association, he is a youth coach and organizer for the Breaking Bread Community dinners for those in need.

Distinguished Service: This award is the highest honor a REALTOR® can receive and is the ultimate recognition for ongoing, dedicated service of that very special REALTOR® who has always set themselves apart as a leader.  They are individuals who have volunteered for the duration of a long career, and serve as an industry leader on the local state and national levels, and extraordinary civic service.  They are the member who is always called to serve on special task forces and work groups to resolve matters of a critical nature. They are respected by those in the industry and community and are a source of knowledge and experience to business colleagues and within the community. It is our great pleasure to announce that Debbie Dwyer of the Dwyer Agency has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award. Debbie is an active volunteer in all aspects of the Association, serving on many committees locally (Past ROTY two times, 3 time MLS President, Board President), she also serves on the MAR Board of Directors (Past State ROTY, Past State President), and chairs the National Professional Standards Committee (with past service ion Interpretations and MLS Policy).She was awarded the Omega Tau Rho award of the National Association for Service to the industry and is a REALTOR Emeritus for over 40 years of membership. Bravo to a tireless leader and volunteer.

Berkshire REALTOR Spirit: This award is given to the REALTOR that consistently demonstrates the ideals that embody the very meaning of the term “REALTOR®”.  The ideal nominee is an unsung hero within the real estate profession who supports other industry practitioners through actions, words and cooperation.  Recipients are known for their strong professional ethics and willingness to go above and beyond in support of the association and the members.  Honorees are known and respected for their optimism and enthusiasm, integrity and work ethic, and civic involvement, charitable contributions, and leadership in the local business community.  It is our great pleasure to announce that Pam Roberts of Roberts & Associates Realty, LLC. has been named 2020 Berkshire REALTOR Spirit Award recipient for championing the association and industry for over 30 years.  She has been a vocal supporter of high ideals, advanced education, and serves our industry as a cheerful leader, educator, and volunteer.  Pam demonstrates the “That’s Who we R” commitment in her daily work.

Berkshire Good Neighbor: This award is given to a REALTOR who is played in instrumental volunteer role in the success of a local charitable project or program. The recipient is somebody who is shown an extraordinary commitment to volunteer service that has helped to make our Berkshire community a better place to live.  It is our pleasure to announce that Tom Doyle of Lance Vermeulen Real Estate is the 2020 Berkshire Good Neighbor Award recipient for his volunteer work helping create and promote affordable housing on the Board of Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire. Countless hours and funds raised and skills shared in the management of affordable housing projects.


Berkshire REALTOR’s Affiliate of the Year: This award is given to industry professionals affiliated with our association that devote time and efforts to better our industry and our association. It is our pleasure to announce that Jaimie Pollard of Academy Mortgage is the 2020 Affiliate of the Year award recipient for his dedication to our charitable events, and our industry best practice efforts  starting with TRID and Realtor-Lender-Lawyer efforts, a volunteer education instructor our classes and longtime platinum sponsor.