Comparable Sales Must Be Reported ASAP

The MLS allow you to post off-market sales to help other REALTORS and Appraisers in the valuation of property. You see them come through as “Comparable Entry Only”.  These record office exclusives, FSBO / unlisted property sales that have not had MLS exposure. The benefit for the MLS members lies in prompt reporting… we are not interested in agent stats, measurements or production reports… only accurate market and property data.  Therefore, the MLS Board voted that, beginning 1/1/2023 we will accept comparable sale entry WITHIN ONE MONTH of the deed transfer. If you don’t to enter it into the MLS within that time, the sale can be found in public records but not on the MLS. This allows our data to be up-to-date and we will no longer be affecting data that has already been in a market watch report.  So… if you really want that off-market sale included for the good of all, make sure you post it ASAP and work with Linda on how to do so without having it appear as a new listing. Thank you!