Communication is Key!

With the market as tight as it currently is, communication between a cooperating agent and the seller’s agent is absolutley key.  What may have been an acceptable amount of time to respond in a slower market no longer cuts it.  Quick action on both sides of the transaction can make, and slow response time, can break a deal.

Everyone is extremely busy, so a quick reminder… Your fiduciary duties to your client cannot be compromised.  That means that offers must be presented and discussed with the seller’s best interest and in a timely fashion.  Buyer agents must assist their buyer by attending showings, the home inspection, keeping a timeline of deadlines and explaining the process as often as necessary and as thoroughly as possible.

As a friendly reminder, if you are delayed to open the door, to a showing, to a home inspection or you cannot attend because of a conflict it is imperative and courteous to contact the other agent immediately so they can make accomodations.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!!