Commercial Property Field Updated

A change was recently made to the bathroom input options on Commercial listings.  You will find that the Full Bath option on the MAIN tab has been changed so that it is no longer required and that a new Bathroom grouping has been created on the DETAIL tab.  This grouping includes the options of # Full Baths, # 1/2 Baths, # 3/4 Baths, # Stalls, Other (describe) and None.  The new grouping does require at least one selection before a listing can be saved.

We will eventually eliminate the Bathroom input fields from the MAIN field tab but need to provide brokers and associates the opportunity to edit their listings first.  We are requesting that anyone with an Active or Pending Commercial listing make the appropriate change by December 2nd.  Additionally, in order to report the sale of a property you will be required to make a selection to this new field – please take the moment to make the changes so you don’t experience any delay in entering your sales down the road.  After December 2nd, we will eliminate the Full Bath, 1/2 Bath and 3/4 Bath options on the MAIN tab.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Sue, Sandy or Molly for assistance.