Chapter 61 A & B

Chapter 61 programs give Massachusetts landowners an opportunity to reduce property taxes in exchange for providing important public benefits like clean water, wildlife habitat, rural character, wood products, food, and outdoor recreation. There are three different Chapter 61 programs:

■ Chapter 61–Forestry
■ Chapter 61A–Agriculture
■ Chapter 61B–Open Space and Recreation

All the programs aim to keep land undeveloped, and each program focuses on a different type of land use. Thanks To Gladys Montgomery for sharing a new resource. UMass Amherst has created a fantastic, shareable PDF resource “Understanding the Massachusetts Ch. 61 Current Use Tax Programs” that explains the details of chapter 61 lands. (note, these resources can also be found when clocking the orange question mark “help” on 61A and 61B options under land use in FlexMLS data entry.

UMass also has a website, that helps landowners with information on:

• Ch. 61 programs and property tax calculators
• Ch. 61 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
• Ch. 61, 61A, and 61B application forms
• Conservation-based estate-planning information
• State service foresters and private foresters working in your town
• Land trusts working in your town
• Landowner cost-share programs
• Enabling legislation for the Chapter 61 programs

Click to access Ch61-Programs-Revised-2018_0.pdf