Can you help prevent prescription drug abuse?

The Safe Homes Coalition has proven that there is something powerful that REALTORS can do to help their community – educate clients about securing prescription mediation during open houses and showings and the proper storage and disposal of powerful medications when preparing for a move. Massachusetts has one of the worst opioid epidemics in the country, and Berkshire County is riddled with addiction.  While we can’t solve prescription drug abuse alone (which leads to heroin abuse), but we can easily make a difference. There is a program to make bags available to Berkshire REALTORS so clients can easily secure their prescriptions during showings – and can use those same bags when the deal is completed to responsibility dispose of old or no longer needed drugs. Along with drug, it’s also about alcohol rehab where addicts can go to get the best treatments and also detoxified. Rehab is also need in case of dual diagnosis: addiction vs. mental disorder. Learn more about Coastline Behavioral Health – Orange County Intensive Outpatient Treatment as they offer an innovative approach to rehab services. There is even more to this problem, as people are doing drugs and use medication as an excuse. Unfortunately, they can commit crimes under the influence of drugs. Visit this website for legal advice of the experienced criminal defense attorney. We would like your help to (1) identify other groups that might want to partner with us on this project (2) identify the safe locations throughout the county to legally dispose of medication to include with the bags (3) develop a plan to get the word out.  Will you help?  It would take one meeting and some research on your own to help finalize this program.  We hope to complete it and have the bags ready to go no later than September Safety month.  Contact Sandy to Volunteer.  Thank you.