Call to Action: Stop Transfer Tax Proposals!

In case you missed our mid-week message, a reminder that you are invited to make a difference in housing by reaching out to your MA legislators to stop real estate transfer tax proposals! It takes less than a minute to respond, MAR has done all of the work for you! Respond Now. Only 5% responded so please take just a few minutes today to give this important issue some attention. Thank you!  CALL TO ACTION: Transfer Taxes
Legislators are considering several bills that would further reduce housing inventory and raise housing costs in the state by taxing homeowners. Allowing new taxes sets a dangerous precedent that would damage the housing market and our economy.

As the template email to Legislators explains, communities seeking these taxes have blocked housing development and refused available affordable housing funding for decades. Instead of righting these wrongs through existing funding mechanisms and zoning reforms, they want new taxes that protect the status quo, preventing housing diversity and inclusivity.

TAKE ACTION NOW to send an email to your State Senator and Representative. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS ESSENTIAL to preventing these harmful laws.