Buy me a Gift Card, please…. NO!

Tis the season for scams … Beware of any texts or emails from your broker, Board staff, friend, family or acquaintance asking you to buy a gift card for them and they will pay you back.  If you actually look at the email address/number, it is not their real account (just using their name) and this request is an attempt to steal from you.  Giftcards, when activated, have a retail value – and can be bought or sold or transferred easily – which makes them great for crooks.  They don’t need the actual card to use them, just the numbers on the card… With those numbers, you can use gift cards online like a credit card.  You’ll see many requests are coming in from iTunes or Steam (gamer sights).  When you get one of these emails, delete it.  The “sender” friend was not hacked, but their identity has been used to try to trick you.  Be warned:  do not send anything (account information, closing information, gift cards, credit card info) or anything of any value based on an email request alone. Also call to confirm!