Build a Better Tyler Street, Pittsfield MA

Update:  $15,000 Smart Growth Grant has been approved!

Board leaders met with stakeholders of the Tyler Street Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) to consider a smart growth grant and to create a plan for Realtor involvement in revitalization efforts of Team Build a Better Block.  The Board of Directors has filed for a smart growth grant from NAR and made  a commitment to contribute up to 10% of our own funds (up to $1,500) towards beautification efforts, Realtor-branded marketing materials and creation of a pop-up Real Estate Hub in the neighborhood for a big August 26th event. We are looking for REALTOR volunteers who are interested in helping with cleanup and/or beautification efforts, and also looking for a group to help develop a Real Estate Hub pop-up storefront, designed to share information about the neighborhood and housing and commercial opportunities.  Please get in touch with Sandy Carroll to volunteer!  Just let me know what facet of the project you are interested in.  For those that would like more information about this entire project, here is the grant application that outlines the need for the project and our hopes for a great outcome.  This also helps to:

  • Satisfy our NAR Core Standards requirement to engage in consumer engagement activities annually.
  • Satisfy our Strategic Plan to engage in meaningful consumer outreach in real estate, economic and community issues

This initiative is an exciting opportunity to be a visible and engaged leader in helping revitalize both housing and commercial real estate.