Board of Registration Brokerage Audits

In addition to the typical audits conducted of brokerages by the licensing Board of Registration, requesting escrow accounts, agency disclosures, copies of all affiliated agent’s licenses – we have learned that they are also requesting copies of a brokerage’s COVID reopening plan (MA Office Space Reopening Checklist) that you and the agents in your office (as well as any clients) are expected to follow for safe COVID business reopening. While they are not physically on-site at this time to the best of our knowledge, if your office is open, you should make sure you have all signs and markings required to ensure everyone is complying with the regulations as well (this includes a statement of mask wearing at the door, directional signs to move the flow of foot traffic in a safe way (PPE) and sanitary wipes or cleanser to use). Here is the office reopening info from  They are also looking at your tracing records, to ensure you are keeping proper documentation of who is present at property showings in the event someone becomes positive for COVID and tracing must occur. be aware, many of these audits are coming in via email.  I would encourage you to reach out to the Board of Registration first, to ensure that the request if valid and then respond accordingly.