Berkshire REALTOR Volunteers Honored

Two outstanding ladies were honored today for their dedication to the association and to the community.  Barbara Osborne of Ashmere Realty was presented with a REALTOR of the Year plaque by Andy Perenick.  Osborne was named the recipient of the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS 2014 ROTY award for her service and dedication to the association.

Suzann Ward, of Benchmark Realty, was presented with a plaque and check for Berkshire’s Bounty from the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS in honor of being awarded the Berkshire County Good Neighbor Recipient for her selfless dedication to the Berkshire’s Bounty Break Bread dinner program in South County.  Ward has been a volunteer for Breaking Bread in excess of ten years.  She was the distinguished recipient of the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS Good Neighbor Award, as well, for her work with this organization and was presented with a check from MAR at the annual meeting.

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Kudos Barbara and Suzann!!