Be a REALTOR Thanksgiving Angel!

Sponsored by a collaboration of 23 food pantries, organizations, and faith communities, Thanksgiving Angels addresses local food insufficiency by providing 2,000 Pittsfield-area households — about 5,000 to 6,000 men, women and children — with uncooked turkeys and the fixings to celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving meal in their own homes. Last year, more than 350 volunteers assisted with the distributions.  The REALTOR Community Service Committee is asking for anyone who is able to volunteer to help out! Because the size an scope of need has been growing every year, the volunteer crews have created a fantastic system of organizing the legions of volunteers needed for this project.  There are slots available for assistance beginning November 10-21st in all types of jobs – you get to sign up for the one that works best for you and your availability.

Some of the jobs include things you can do at home, or on-site. Details and sign up is online and simple:

  • Bake pumpkin, banana, or other types of breads and drop off before November 18th (bakers read below for details!)
  • Create cards that go in all of the deliveries and drop off before November 18th
  • Assemble boxes and pack non-perishables. Dates on November 10 – 18th
  • Prep fresh food into bags/boxes November 19 & 20th @ South Church in Pittsfield
  • Help with the organization of food pick up on November 21 and 22nd

It’s a nice way to give back.  We are asking everyone to please let us know what shifts you sign up for so we can track how many volunteers we had – and also to make sure you have some REALTOR logo items to wear.  For the bakers of breads….

Bread Bakers Information: 

  1. You can bake any flavor bread you would like.
  2. Absolutely NO NUTS in any of the breads and do not use any almond or other nut flour!
  3. Breads should be 9 x 5 or 8 x 4 or in 2 lb pans
  4. It is best if you use disposable pans but if you choose to use your own pans please wrap in foil and not plastic wrap. Plastic wrap comes off really easily.
  5. When wrapping and freezing breads please wrap and store individually. We have had issues in past years where folks put 2 breads in one ziplock bag and that is really hard for us since each recipient only gets one bread.
  6. If anyone would like to make gluten free breads it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Please, please be sure that each bread is clearly labeled with what flavor it is. If you want to put chocolate chips in your bread please be sure that is included on the label. Be sure your label stays on the bread.
  8. Keep in mind that when you bring your bread on drop off day we will be stacking them. It is best not to have plastic covers on the breads.
  9. There is not definite date for drop off yet but it will likely be the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Thank you!