2012 President Chapin Fish

Chapin was elected by Berkshire County real estate brokers to serve as the 2012 President of the Board, and also served as a voting director on the Multiple Listing Service Corporation. In that role, Chapin worked on enhancing services for the local real estate CFishprofessionals. He led the creation of a new strategic plan and drove the Board to work hard on new initiatives to benefit the members.We are proud to announce that L. Chapin Fish, co-owner of Brockman Real Estate in Monterey Massachusetts, has been named the 2013 Berkshire County REALTOR of the YEAR! This award is given to the REALTOR® that best exemplifies professionalism and service to the industry. Chapin has contributed outstanding time and energy to the betterment of the REALTOR® organization, the real estate industry and our Berkshire community.

The award, given for the past 18 months of service to the association, reveal that Chapin devoted much time and talents to many projects, including serving as the spokesperson for the Board. He traveled to Washington DC to advocate for home ownership rights on Capital Hill and traveled to California and Chicago to represent the interests of the Berkshire Realtors and community. Locally, he also served on the Finance, Personnel, Strategic Plan, Litigation and Professional Standards Committees. He was a voting member of the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS Board of Directors and is the Berkshire Liaison to the Pinnacle Group Program, a national thinktank for industry ideas.

Over a decade ago Chapin returned to his roots in Massachusetts and affiliated with William Brockman and the late Jack Jefferson. He emersed himself in his new home in the Berkshires and today is most proud of his volunteer service on the Sandisfield Fire Department. His service to the town also includes the Sandisfield Zoning Board of Appeals, capital contributor to the “Sandisfield Then and Now” 250th Anniversary History Book, and editor of the former Sandisfield newspaper. He is a member of Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce, member of the Board of Directors Bidwell House Museum and a professional actor contributing to different local plays and films here in the Southern Berkshires.

Local REALTOR Service & Involvement

  • Member of the Berkshire County Board of Realtors (2004-Present)
  • MLS subscriber since 2004, DR since 2008.
  • Berkshire County Board of Realtors Board of Directors (President 2012, President Elect 2011)
  • Elected regional director in 2009 and began ascension to Presidency. Serving as past president through the end of 2013.
  • Berkshire County Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (Officer 2012)
  • Serves on MLS Board of Directors, in the capacity of President of the parent company.
  • Finance Committee (2011, 2012)
  • Strategic Planning Committee (2011-2012, chair 2013)
  • Professional Standards Committee  (2010-2013)
  • Nominating Committee Chair (2013)
  • Litigation Committee Chair (2012-2013)
  • Media & Communications Spokesperson (2012-2013)
  • Personnel Committee (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Task Force Service (2011-Present) In the past 18 months has served on Website Development Task Force and YPN Network.

State REALTOR Service & Involvement

  • Member of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (2004-Present)
  • MAR State Director (2012),
  • MAR Alternate Director ( 2011)
  • Attendee, MAR Media Training, 2012
  • Attendee, MAR Leadership Symposium, 2012
  • Attendee, Monthly MAR Media Overview, 2012
  • Monthly MAR Housing numbers conference call Participant

National REALTOR Service & Involvement

  • Member of the National Association of Realtors (2004-Present)
  • NAR Midyear Meetings (2012): Attended the NAR midyear meetings in Washington DC and participated in leadership forums, local board meetings, MLS committee forums, legislative meetings with our representatives and general industry related issues.  This included attending the Real Estate Economic Summit.
  • NAR Annual Conference and Tradeshow (2012): Attended the NAR conference in Anaheim and planning to attend the San Francisco meetings in 2013. Participate in leadership forums, local board meetings, MLS committee forums, technology programs and general industry related issues.
  • NAR Leadership Summit (2011): Preparatory  1 1/2 day program for President Elects.
  • The Pinnacle Group Program Liaison (2012-Present): National Thinktank representing the local association and MLS in the NAR Pinnacle Group Activities conferences, and videos.

Local Community Service

  • Sandisfield Fire Department Volunteer
  • Sandisfield Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Capital contributor to the “Sandisfield Then and Now” 250th Anniversary History Book.
  • Member of Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce.
  • Board of Directors Bidwell House Museum.
  • Former Editor and volunteer for past Sandisfield newspaper
  • As a professional actor I also contribute to different local plays and films here in the Southern Berkshires.

2013 REALTOR of the YEAR, 2012 President
Email Chapin

Co-Owner, Brockman Real Estate
Monterey, MA
(413) 528-4859

In his own words:

How I conduct my business each and every day, and how my firm, Brockman Real Estate operates is hand-in-hand with the Realtor Code of Ethics.  This is not because it is the “code” but it is because I believe our Code of Ethics exemplifies the way to live one’s life.  It has been a great honor to be able to serve as the President of the Board of Realtors – and the reason is because we have an incredible organization and incredible members.  The Realtors I work with on a daily basis are dedicated, professional, collegial and ethical.  I learn as much or more from each of them as I do in any other way.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much..” Helen Keller

I believe in our strategic plan that sets out to achieve together great strides in technology and consumer relationship building for the benefit of all members