Are you making it hard to sell your listings?

Did you know it’s downright HARD to make an offer on 510 homes in the Berkshire MLS?  

Well, there are 754 residential homes built before 1978 on the market today in the Berkshire MLS… but only 244 have a document attached to the listing…. no lead paint form!

We know for sure that at least 510 homes do not have easy access to a lead paint form… the very form a buyer needs to complete BEFORE they [legally] submit a Purchase and Sale agreement.  Selling agents – please don’t make the buyer’s agent have to chase you for extra documents to submit an offer.  Instead, upload the dang document today!

Two easy ways… When adding or editing a listing, select DOCUMENTS

1) For the techies, just scan it and attach it to the listing. [CHOOSE FILE from your computer then ADD]

2) For non-techies, enter the description, hit the fax button and you will be given a customized fax cover sheet that will automatically attach your faxed documents to your listing.

Simple, yet SO HELPFUL and effective.

doc1Hip-hip-Horray to Mike Sorrentino of Century 21 Franklin Street for having a lead paint form attached when we randomly selected a listing to highlight above!