April Membership Meeting – Legal in the Hot Seat!

Brokers (and Office managers invited by the Broker), we have invited Catherine Taylor of the MAR legal hotline to field your tough questions in a Broker Legal Q&A. Attend to get the answers that you’re looking for on all sorts of legal matters and hear other Brokers ask questions about their concerns.  We are compiling a list of questions/topics in advance to get the meeting started.  You can help by sharing your question/topic. This will help Catherine prepare any materials that might be helpful. There will be opportunity to ask during the meeting as well! We know a few topics have come in recently regarding new office policies that can help your agents to avoid Fair Housing complaints; creating office policy regarding off-site disclosure issues; what is an agent’s minimum level of responsibility in researching property deed information (buyer and seller agents); broker/brokerage responsibility for agent comments on social media, board of registration audits; contract & forms changes under consideration and more!

When?  Tuesday, April 13, 2021 @ 9-10:30 a.m.
Where?  Zoom (of course!)
Why?  Times are changing fast and we all need to stay on top of ‘it’!

If you have a burning question you’d like legal counsel to address, please let Sandy know by dropping her an email.  We want to make sure everyone gets the answers they need!  Sandy@BerkshireRealtors.org