A Year Later, the same Precautions are STILL Needed

We’ve been hearing about some disturbing behavior related to open house and showing protocols lately… just a reminder that, especially given recent spikes in new COVID cases in Berkshire County, as professionals, you have legal obligations to follow state direction and promote a safe showing experience to the best of your ability. The latest order of the governor (issued March 18, 2021) limits gatherings at private residences to 10 people indoors, 25 outside. [gathering limits]

Open houses and mass showings should not be held in the same format as in the past. A registration sheet should be required, and coordinated windows of time where the agent allows masked people to enter the home in staggered intervals to ensure an indoor limits of 10 people (including the agents).  While in the home or waiting outside, buyers should maintain social distance from other parties. Of course, ensuring that PPE is available and used is important. The agent and the seller obviously need to have a plan for the cleaning of the home after showings and open houses.

Just for reference, the CDC also recommends that you continue to mask and social distance even if you have a vaccine, if you are in public or with those who may or may not be vaccinated.  [CDC latest recommendation]

As we know from the most recent outbreaks that are happening throughout our county, it is still critically important that you are accountable for knowing who is in a home and when. Several schools and businesses were just shut down, and we’ve heard one COVID case was recently traced to over 50 infections. As of yesterday, Adams, Pittsfield and Williamstown are in the red based on new cases and North Adams is close behind.  Stay vigilant!

I hope these state and national resources are helpful as a reminder that even in a busy, fast-paced market, precautions are really important.  Thank you!