A Request from the desk of Linda | Please Remember to Map Listings

When entering a listing into the MLS, please don’t skip past the step of geocoding.  This process will map your property on a google map and will assist buyers and their agents when searching in specific areas to find your listing.  Sometimes, especially in our hilltowns where street addresses can be a little wonky, you may have to manually locate your property on the map.  It’s quick and easy to do.

Linda periodically checks the system for unmapped properties and will contact you to fix these.  If your property is not mapped it may appear wrong on syndication sites (realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.) and IDX sites (other members’ sites with property searches on them) and may not appear in map search results in Flex.  Don’t wait for her to review the system and let you know you have an issue with your mapping.  To see if you have any unmapped properties, in Flex, go to:  MENU | Add/Change | My Unmapped.

If you have a listing (or listings) there, click the blue button to the right of the screen to geocode your listing.  You will be brought to a map with a ‘pin’, where your listing has been located.  If this is correct simply click ‘use this location’.  If it is off, which it sometimes is, click and drag the pin to the correct location and then click ‘use this location’ to save your selection.

If you require any assistance with this process please contact us at the office (413-442-8049) and we’ll be happy to help!