A Message of Understanding & Care

We know you probably sat around worrying during the month of March and since then have been going at full throttle… now our market (and you) have been going at a breakneck pace for 6+ months. We know that you are on the frontlines of disappointed buyers and anxious sellers.  We know that being “busy” doesn’t begin to describe the pressure and workload you are under.  We hear the burnout and exhaustion in many of your voices. And, while we know how to help with business concerns, here is a simple list to help remind you how important it is to take care of yourself.

Focus on what you can control:  There are so many things beyond your control that can bring worry (pandemic, election, crazy transactions and clients oh my) – stop! Identify the ways you can establish some control (communicate about an issue, allocate enough time in your calendar, etc.. ) and stop obsessing about all of the things that are beyond your control.  The future and your transactions are unpredictable – you should hyper focus on doing your best to serve your clients and your business… and let the rest fall away.  Make a list, cross things off, communicate with others.  It helps.

Share Good Energy:  The Center for Healthy Minds had a great observation:  “Be aware of how much influence you have on the emotions and moods of those around you. To the extent you can, aim to exude calmness and fortitude. Also remember that everybody is trying to cope with their own anxiety and frustration at the moment. So, be kind and understanding towards others (as well as yourself).”

Be a Light for Others: While the real estate business is booming, there are many more who have been hit heavily by this crisis.  Ask yourself what you can do in order to help others get through these hard days. It doesn’t have to be hard… but making a positive difference to one person or one hundred helps lift your spirits.  Buy a coffee for the car behind you, send a check to a soup kitchen, thank a grocery store clerk or overlooked front line worker. It feels GOOD.

Take Good Care of Yourself:  As we recommended when things first started to get crazy, remember to take good care of your body.  It’s an important factor in your immune system and your mental health. So yes, you can drink your wine, but make sure you are powering through with lots of water during the day, plenty of fruits and vegetables, honor your downtime with a turned off ringer, get good rest and – spend a little time moving outside! Crisp fall air, beautiful vistas…. a quick 10 minute walk or hour long hike can restore your sense of balance.

What’s your guilty pleasure?  Get off of social media!! Instead, everyday do one thing that makes you feel great.  Listen to music you love (cranked up in the car?), read a trashy novel,  watch a show you enjoy, play a game with family, zoom with a friend … anything that lets you truly relax and turn off. Relax your shoulders right now.  Were they tense?

Remember, you are not alone.  In fact, there are hundreds of members in Berkshire County who are struggling to do the best job they can while dealing with unmanageable schedules.  Lean on your REALTOR family when you need to. They “get it” too.