A Call to Inaction?

What a bummer.  As we look back at the most recent calls to action, the state reported in that:

  • Only 36 Berkshire REALTORS responded to the Call to Action to Regulate Scrap Metal Sales to prevent copper pipe theft...
  • Only 34 Berkshire REALTORS responded to the Call to Action to Convince Legislators Not to Implement Flood Insurance Reform without study on the impact on housing…
  • Only 40 Berkshire REALTORS responded to the call to Action to keep the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction….

What are we doing wrong?  The first two calls were shared on facebook, sent via email, and also discussed live at the Annual Meeting with over 170 people in attendance.

What the heck happened?  

Should staff be doing something different to “call” or to help you generate “action”?  Please tell us… we need to know how to best convey critical business issues in a way that gets everyone motivated to participate in a solution.

Any by the way, thanks to the 30 or so who did respond … the scrap metal bill passed! Victory!  The Mortgage Interest Deduction lives another year!  and all Mass Legislators signed onto our cause and backed the proposal to wait until the proper and promised study has been completed before FEMA goes forward on Flood insurance provisions.