Town Monitor Update: Broadband Open Meeting

A Message from Berkshire REALTOR’s Town Monitor for Monterey, George Cain:  At our last Government Affairs Committee Meeting, we had a brief discussion regarding the County’s Broadband challenges.  Most of the communities in the County have been seeking a broadband solution for 2+ years, and not many towns have made much progress. Monterey is somewhat unique because a local provider has begun to wire the town with fiber, and to-date has covered/passed about 40% of the homes.  MBI has not approved this contractor (a start-up business) for State funding.

This Friday, February 16th, at 10:00 AM, The Monterey Select Board and the Monterey Broadband Committee will be meeting with MBI at the Monterey Town Hall to review the current state of broadband in our community.  A goal of the meeting will be to discuss ways that Monterey can access the State mandated broadband dollars without having to wait another three years for some serious progress to be made.  If any of you are in communities that are similarly suffering from very slow progress through your MBI relationships, you may find this open/public meeting a worthwhile event to attend.

Everyone is welcome.




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