2024 Dues Payment Plan Available Now

Our Board of Directors approved the Finance Committee’s budget for 2024 and is offering a Dues Payment Plan for 2024.  Following is a breakdown of fees, and the plan installments.  If you are interested in participating in the Plan, please contact Sue.  We will send you an agreement to be returned and begin processing payments on November 1st.

Fee Item Fee 
2024 Local Association Dues $ 270.00
2024 State Association Dues $ 171.00
2024 State PPPF Assessment $  10.00
2024 National Dues $ 156.00
2024 National Image Campaign $  45.00
Administrative Processing Fee $   8.00
Voluntary MRECA Contribution $  25.00
Total Due $685.00

Contributions to the Massachusetts Real Estate Community Alliance (MRECA) are voluntary and are not tax deductible. Contributions to MRECA are utilized to provide research, advocacy, and analysis on housing issues in Massachusetts and promote a greater understanding of how housing policies affect the state and economy.

Installment  With MRECA Contribution Waived MRECA Contribution
November 1 $ 137.00 $ 132.00
December 1 $ 137.00 $ 132.00
January 1 $ 137.00 $ 132.00
February 1 $ 137.00 $ 132.00
March 1 $ 137.00 $ 132.00

All Plan payment are made with either a debit or credit card placed on file.  With your permission, we can use a card you have on file or you can provide a different card.  If you do not already have a card on file, we will need to obtain one from you before acceptance into the Plan.