Nocher and Steuernagle Elected 2023 Board and MLS President, Respectively

At a packed house, on October 26th, Jason Nocher and his 2023 leadership team were voted into office.  We congratulate all new and returning BCBR and MLS Boards of Directors!

Jason Nocher

Nocher is the broker-owner of Nocher Realty located in Pittsfield, Adams and Great Barrington.  He has served as a member of the BCBR Board of Directors, most recently as the President-Elect, and has traveled on behalf of the Board and its membership to Mass Association and National Association conferences and training.  Jason regularly supports the Board by participating in Community Service events and donating of his time, talents and funds.  He has obtained his C2EX designation and is one of 4 brokerage offices to reach 100% participation in that program.

At the annual meeting, in his first act as 2023 President, Jason elected to forgo an acceptance speech!  But, he is grateful for the knowledge his team will bring to the table and the support of his fellow Berkshire County members.  He is looking forward to a productive year, moving the Board forward in the exceptional work done by his predecessors for the benefit of its members.

Also elected into their respective positions are his 2023 team:


Nick Geranios 2023 President Elect
Susan Colvin 2023 Vice President
Cory Evangelisto 2023 Secretary/Treasurer
Mark McIlquham 2023 Past President
Cristian Sanchez 2023 Director
Rebecca Gold Cellana 2023 Director
Maria Liccardi 2023 Director
Stephanie McNair 2023-2024 Director
Lori Rose 2023-2024 Director
Marnie Garzone 2023-2024 Director


Following the Board of Directors’ election, the Designated REALTORS voted in the 2023 MLS Leadership Team with Eric Steuernagle at the helm as 2023 MLS President.  Steuernagle is the broker-owner of Fairground Real Estate, located in Great Barrington.  He is just coming off a year serving as the Past President for the BCBR Board of Directors and has served in numerous positions as committee chair, and committee member for the Board over the years.  When not seen supporting the REALTORS in his leadership role, you can find him at the Breaking Bread Kitchen serving meals in South County or in his favorite spot, on his boat fishing!  Eric brings a thoughtful and detailed approach to problem solving and looks forward to engaging in discussion with his team, vendors and the members about the benefits of the MLS and new technologies to further enhance the daily work life of its members.

Also elected into their respective positions, his 2023 team:


Paula McLean 2023 MLS Vice President
Jim Thurston 2023 MLS Secretary/Treasurer
Andy Perenick 2023 MLS Past President
Corey Bishop 2023 MLS Director
Dani Giulian 2023 MLS Director
Michael Hernandez 2023-2024 MLS Director
Susan Calkins 2023-2024 MLS Director

We congratulate our 2023 Leadership, and thank those who served in all capacities in 2022!