2022 Research Links

At the National Association of REALTORS midyear meetings, there were several important resources shared by NAR.  These were reviewed with Designated REALTORS (DRs) at a meeting held yesterday, and a recap of that meeting sent to all DRs immediately following the conclusion.  Important resources we want to share with you are available to you below.  These will help guide you in making important decision in your business moving forward this year:

  • More and more Real Estate brokerages and agents keep sensitive personal information in their files.  If that information falls into the wrong hands the consequences can be devastating and the cost astronomical.  Knowing data security laws and having a plan in place to safeguard this information just makes sense.  Review the 2022 NAR Data Security & Privacy Toolkit to learn about your responsibilities, resources and to craft a plan for security.
  • 2022 Snapshot of Race and Home Buying in America is an exceptional look into how race influences home buying in America, mortage disparity, the impact of homeownership on educational influences in children and provides a demographic of the buying population in America as seen in 2021.
  • During the 117th Congress, the NAR will focus on homeownerships rights, COVID recovery and fair housing issues.  They have produced the 2022 Federal Advocacy Issues document outlining all the issues on their agenda with a description of why each is of importance to REALTORS and homeowners.
  • Likewise, NAR has provided an overview of 2021 Federal Legislative Successes, outlining issues that were addressed in 2021.  Please take a look, it’s amazing the successes and work that the NAR has done on behalf of the industry.
  • As we all know, fair housing and following fair housing laws are of the utmost importance!  The Board recently mailed a Fair Housing guide to all brokers and have provided an electronic copy of it on our Fair Housing Resources Page.  On this page you will find a recording of our recent Long Island Divided program as well as a bevy of resource links to keep you in the know.
  • Leigh Brown RPAC Video We’ve been asked about RPAC (REALTOR Political Action Contributions), where the funds go and how they’re used.  Leigh Brown has produced a quick 2 1/2 minute video that provides a great explanation.  Please take those 2 minutes to learn more about RPAC.
  • The NAR’s chief economist, Lawrence Yun has provided us with May 2022 Residential Real Estate Outlook and Trends Slides from his  Video of Presentation forecasting changes in the market for the coming month.  He has also provided the same information for the Commercial market in these May 2022 Commercial Real Estate Outlook and Trends Slides
  • Home sale and rental markets continue to suffer from a huge shortage of inventory.  In March, the overall market had only two months of inventory.  In this May 2022 Impact of Institutional Buyers on Single Family Homes sales and rentals NAR analyzes the impact of institutional buyers on the market.

Each of these research links will provide you with insight to assist you in this fast-paced and ever-changing marketplace.  We strongly encourage you to take some time to review each of them in their entirety.