Dues Payment Plan Begins October 1 – Sign Up Now to Get in On the Ground Floor!

It’s not too soon to start thinking about your 2022 dues.  There has been no increase projected for next year, so dues with the optional Political Advocacy Fund fair share contribution will be $625 and without, $600.  Our dues installment plan will begin on October 1st and spreads your payment out through March 1st.  (If you are not taking advantage of the plan, invoices will be sent in November with a due date of December 31, 2021.)

The plan will break down, as follows:

Total Dues with PAF Fair Share Contribution Total Dues without PAF Contribution
$625 $600
1-Oct  $  105.00 1-Oct  $  101.00
1-Nov  $  105.00 1-Nov  $  101.00
1-Dec  $  105.00 1-Dec  $  101.00
1-Jan  $  105.00 1-Jan  $  101.00
1-Feb  $  105.00 1-Feb  $  101.00
1-Mar  $  105.00 1-Mar  $  101.00
Total Paid  $  630.00 Total Paid  $  606.00
(Includes installment Fee) (Includes installment Fee)


If you would like to sign up for the payment plan, please email Sue.  We will send you an agreement form to sign.

Thank you!