2017 2nd Quarter Market Watch

There is good news to be found in the Berkshire County Real Estate 2nd quarter market watch report.  The dollar volume of real estate sales is up 4% and the number of transactions sold is up 8%. The number of residential homes, multi-family homes, land parcels, condos and commercial properties sold in the first quarter rose compared to sales last year.  The first quarter of 2017 was very robust, so the continued momentum despite low inventory is a very positive market trend.

All Sales 2016 2017
1st & 2nd Qtrs $ Sold # Sold $ Sold # Sold
North  $20,856,596 146  $21,247,564 156
Central  $57,980,891 313  $61,979,425 337
South  $94,409,942 260  $96,148,437 286
Grand Total  $173,247,429 719  $179,375,426 779

The areas of the largest growth over the first two quarters of the previous year were in condo and multifamily markets.  The Central and Northern Berkshire land markets had a double digit jump in both dollar volume transacted and the number of sales.  Commercial sales in Northern and Central Berkshire were strong and offset the decrease noted in southern Berkshire’s commercial market.

Residential Sales Overview by Region:

  • Northern Berkshire had 101 home sales, 6 down from 103. 
  • Central Berkshire had 251 home sales, 5 up from 248
  • Southern Berkshire had 225 homes sales, 5 up from 204.

Read the full report: 2nd Quarter Market Watch

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2017 Central Berkshire MA Sales 2nd Quarter

Southern Berkshire Infographic

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