The Trick to Managing Social Media in 5…3…2

Social media is the perfect tool for self promotion.  But, how much is too much?  We all desire to see our content read, and shared…widely if we’re fortunate enough.  But, how do you accomplish that goal without seeming narcissistic?

According to TA McCann CEO of, there is a great rule of thumb to follow.  He recommends that out of 10 Tweets or posts:

  • Five should be content from others, relevant to your audience
  • Three should be content from you, relevant to your audience, and
  • Two should be personal, something non-work related to help humanize yourself and/or your brand.

He goes on to say, even if you don’t follow this to a tee, the idea is simple:

  • Focus on your audience more than yourself
  • Humanize your voice, even if it’s from a branded social channel vs an individual one.

Solid advice!