REPEAT: Delayed Listings, Pending Sales and Lead Paint forms

If you have a listing the seller doesn’t want in the MLS right away… what do you do? Simply submit the Exclusive Right to Sell and signed “Delayed or Refusal to List Property in the MLS” to our office within 2 business days. Then, on the date the seller wants it listed, enter it into the system and resend the paperwork.  Done, how hard was that? Full details

If your seller accepts an offer on their property? Report it. Within 2 business days. There are two ways you can chose to report it, details here, but know that not reporting it, it NOT AN OPTION.

As of April, residential and multifamily listings need a signed lead paint form for entry in the MLS. After entering listing data, you’ll be prompted to upload the document.  If you don’t, the listing will go into your unapproved listings and will not be shared with other members or syndication sites. The MLS Office will notify you after 2 days of your listing hanging in limbo and you could be subject to late fees if a listing does not go “live” in the proper 2 business days. Staff is always happy to help, or see previous posts on this topic.