Delayed Submission – Here’s How That Works

On occasion, a seller may choose to enter into an Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement with you, but they don’t want to enter their listing into the MLS right away.  When this occurs, the Standard Berkshire County MLS Exclusive Right to Sell Contract Addendum Refusal to List Property in MLS form should be obtained.  This form clarifies that the Broker’s Duties listed in the Exclusive Right to Sell Contract have been changed due to the Seller’s request to keep the listing out of the MLS.  It also clearly advises the seller of services they will not be receiving.

Please note:  If you have a listing that is already in the MLS that the seller cannot or will not allow you to show, the property must be withdrawn from the database.

At the May 25th MLS Board of Directors meeting, a motion was made to amend the start date on delayed submission listings to the date of the Refusal to List Property in MLS form.

Click to view the form.