Message from the Board of Directors

A Message from the Board of Directors:  Dear Members,

We had a large and important task before us – to help chart the course for the future of the Board and MLS.  During this last year, we have been investigating opportunities to expand the Board, consolidate our MLS with larger entities and change our service levels.  After exhaustive review that involved consulting with legal, accounting and MLS consolidation professionals, surveying you, our members and a ton of research and many heated discussions by the Board, we have set a vision for the future to continue to maintain local ownership and oversight for both Realtor and MLS services, so that you stay in charge of your destiny and to grow our services to meet your business needs.

When our Strategic Planning consultant, Matt Cohen, reviewed your member survey results, he was blown away.  With a 95% positive rating for both Board and MLS services, we were excited to refocus our efforts to maintain what is working so well, while adding and enhancing areas we can improve.  We took the results of those surveys, the suggestions made, and have the following report:

More details to follow as we hone our goals / objectives and develop our comprehensive plan for moving forward.  Congratulations to Susan Deacon and Lance Vermeulen – Matt Cohen our Strat Planner randomly pulled 2 winners from our 185 survey respondents – they both win a $50 gift card!  Woot! And, hopefully every member here feels like a winner to be part of a group that cares passionately about our industry.

Sincerely – Your Board of Directors