Dwelling Built Before 1978? Lead Paint Will Be Required in Flexmls

A change will be coming to Flexmls on April 19th that will affect the ability to add dwellings built before 1978.  Uploading the Lead Paint Property Transfer to the listing documents will be required.  Because lead paint disclosure is required before writing up an offer, pre-1978 listings will no longer go live until this step has been completed.  (See Our Previous Post on this Subject.)

Following are instructions to add documents to your listings:

Click the Browse button to locate the file.  A window will appear where you may choose the document you wish to load.  Click on the file to select it and click Open, or double-click on the file name to select it.  Enter a description for the document by selecting from the drop-down list, or you may type a description (this step is required to identify the document within the list of available documents at the left).  Click the Add button to upload the document. Acceptable file formats for documents include .tif (page 1 only), .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .bmp.  Files should be approximately 750 x 1000 pixels and a minimum of 300 dpi. The maximum file size for a listing document is 10MB.

For listings built prior to 1978 that are currently in the database, we ask that you take a moment to upload your Lead Paint forms.  Staff is happy to assist you through the process should you have any questions.