Lead Paint Form

Quick reminder.  It’s pretty important (CRITICAL) that the buyer has received a COMPLETED lead paint form before the Purchase and Sale Agreement – and state legal counsel says that the listing agent, on behalf of the seller, is then entitled to an executed (signed) copy to ensure that proper disclosure happened, all before the P&S is finalized.  Listing brokers should, whenever possible, get this form completed by the seller at the onset of the Exclusive Right to Sell relationship. Seller’s agents can then upload the document to the MLS so that all buyers have immediate access to this critical document needed before an offer via a Purchase and Sale agreement is to be executed. Please note, the listing agent should never complete the form. The listing agent SHOULD review the form to make sure that the seller has correctly completed the form in it’s entirety, including checks and signatures where required.  Note, there are 949 homes currently listed in the MLS, but 56% don’t have any documents attached. That’s a lot of homes that can’t get quick offers!! Booo.